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    • How to access your resources

  2. 2
    • Learning Needs Analysis Preparation Guide

    • Learning Needs Analysis Question Bank

    • Learning Needs Analysis Interview Guide

    • Learning Needs Analysis Insights Template

    • Learning Needs Analysis Findings Prioritisation Template

    • Learning Needs Analysis Buy-in Preparation Guide

    • Template for setting SMART goals

    • Template for setting KPIs

    • Template for setting OKRs

    • Skill and Knowledge Assessment Template

    • Learning Needs Analysis Canvases

    • Learning Needs Analysis Report Template

    • Training Request Needs Analysis Canvas (Detailed)

    • Training Request Needs Analysis Canvas for Internal L&D (simple)

    • Training Request Needs Analysis Canvas for L&D Consultants (simple)

  3. 3
    • Training Needs Assessment for Teams Guide

    • Training Plan Template

    • Trainer's Checklist

    • ADDIE Checklist

    • Training Delivery Checklist

    • Training Materials Checklist

    • Training Attendance Form

    • Training Evaluation Report Template

    • Training Topic Timetable Template

    • Training Objectives Worksheet

    • Training Budget Template

    • Digital Learning Content Checklist

  4. 4
    • Blended Learning Planner Template

    • 360-Degree Feedback Scope Template

    • 360-degree Feedback Question Bank

    • 360-degree Feedback Individual Sample Report

    • 360-degree Feedback Calculations Template

    • 360-degree Feedback Results Interpretation Template

    • GROW Questions Cheatsheet

    • GROW Coaching Meeting Minutes

    • Knowledge Management Template

    • Mentorship Education Factsheet

    • Mentorship Project Plan Template

    • Mentoring Evaluation Template

    • Mentee Preferences Questionnaire

    • Mentor Profile Questionnaire

    • Start / Stop / Continue Team Assessment Template

    • Learning Design Canvas

  5. 5
    • Leadership Development Roles and Responsibilities Guide

    • Management Course Portfolio Template

    • Leadership SWOT Analysis Template

    • Leadership Development Action Plan Template

    • Leadership Development Metric Tracking Template

    • Leadership Development Program KPI Tracker Template

    • Conducting Focus Groups for Leadership Development Guideline

    • Focus Groups Insights (for Leadership Development) Template

  6. 6
    • Project Management Tracker Template

    • Stakeholder Engagement Tool

    • Gantt Chart Template

    • L&D Consulting Conversation Notes Template

    • Goal Setting for L&D Templates

    • Communication Plan Template

    • Performance Improvement Plan Template

    • Resource Allocation Template

    • Mentoring Program Project Plan

  7. 7
    • LMS Learner Profile Template

    • LMS Project Preparation Form

    • LMS Implementation Timeline Template

    • LMS Needs Analysis: Survey Questions

    • LMS Nomination Form Template

    • LMS Satisfaction Survey Question Bank

    • LMS Content Audit Template

    • LMS Vendor Comparison Chart Template

    • LMS Role Definition Template

    • LMS Pilot Testing Plan

  8. 8
    • Learning and Development Metrics List

    • Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

    • Training Evaluation Question Bank

    • 9-Box Talent Grid Assessment Template

    • Learning Program Metrics

    • Learning Impact Analysis Report Template

    • Training Effectiveness Evaluation Form

    • Post-Training Implementation Checklist

    • Training Participant Progress Tracker

  9. 9
    • Learning Offering Inventory

    • Business Acumen Builder Worksheet

    • L&D Competencies Inventory Template

    • Competency Framework Template

    • L&D Strategy Checklist

    • Continuous Improvement for L&D Template

    • L&D Budget Template

    • Year-to-Year Budget Analysis Template

    • L&D Budget Stakeholder Interview Guide

    • L&D Alignment with Business Goals Worksheet

    • Learning Culture Organizational Diagnostic

    • L&D Alignment with Business Goals Checklist

    • L&D Strategic Plan Template

    • Focus Group for L&D Strategy Question Bank

    • L&D Policy Development Guide

    • Focus Group Canvases for L&D

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    The L&D Resource Library is for anyone in Learning and Development looking to streamline their day-to-day with easy-to-use templates, checklists, guides and cheat sheets. Our library provides everything you need to create meaningful learning experiences for your employees.

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    The library will consist of hundreds of files. Before we release them all, you can purchase access to some of the files at a much lower price. You will continue to have access to all current and future files as we update them.